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Discussion in 'The Rink' started by American in Paris, Feb 13, 2018.

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    I suffer on and off from pain in the elbow of my top hand (left hand since I shoot right). It seems to be particularly exacerbated by taking backhand shots.

    I started practicing the backhand a lot 4-5 years ago and got to the point where I could roof at will. But now I wonder if I gave myself a repetitive stress injury.

    The pain can go away for a couple of weeks then come back with a vengeance after a single backhand shot.

    Obviously I stopped practicing the backhand. And I rarely use it anymore in game play.

    The situation seems manageable. But I'm curious: does anyone else have elbow pain triggered by the backhand?
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    I don't have your particular issue, or rather I don't necessarily have the same triggers. But I've had some wrist and elbow issues with my top hand brought on by taking snapshots for hours.

    It brought about tendon irritation and muscle tightness that irritated nerves. I once had tendinitis for almost six months in my wrist, and once I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder that deferred pain down into my elbow and fingers.

    For me, solution came in the form of simply stretching out the muscles in my shoulder, pecs, and back. It took a couple of weeks to figure out which muscles to stretch with the help of a physiotherapist to relieve my self of the pain and at least another month to get back to relative normal.

    But once I realized the solution, maintenance of the issue became just stretching out after each workout/ shooting session.

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