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    Food Options when visiting Montréal

    This is the second in a series on where visiting hockey fans can get comfort food when traveling to another city to cheer on their team. Last month we took a look at Buffalo, NY. Montréal has an excellent public transportation network of subway (Metro) and buses and Uber is a popular option. The 24 hour unlimited transit pass is a fine value. Montréal is famous for its smoked meat sandwiches and locals fiercely debate where you can get the best sandwich. Here are my personal favorites....
  2. Food Options for Hockey Fans visiting Buffalo, New York

    This will be the first column of dining options around the NHL world. When I am on the road I try to eat where the locals do and avoid chains. Western New York has always been known for casual dining and comfort food. The city is best known for 'Buffalo Wings'. Legend has it that they were invented in 1964 almost by accident at the Anchor Bar located at 1047 Main St (METRO - Summer-Best Station) There are also several suburban locations but I would stick with the mothership. The local at...
  3. The Visitor's Guide to Boston

    Visitors guide to Boston
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